Luca Scacchetti

Luca Scacchetti was born in Milan in April 1952. He graduated from the Architecture Department of Milan Technical University in 1975.

Since then, he has taught at many institutions, from the Technical University of Milan to the European Institute of Design and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. From 1990 to 1995 he was the head of the department at the European Institute of Design.

In 1978, he founded the Luca Scacchetti Architecture Studio, which works in a field that spans from urban planning to architectural designs, interiors to construction works.

Working with a team of architects, urban planners, historians, civil engineers and designers, Scacchetti has worked in many countries such as Spain, France, USA, Russia, Japan, China, Greece, Cyprus, Sweden and Kazakhstan.

The works of Scacchetti, who still continues to work with the leading companies of Italy and Europe in the fields of furniture, lighting and small objects, have been examined in terms of architecture and design in many countries, especially Italy, in industry magazines, newspapers and book studies.

Participating in various conferences and meetings in Italy, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the USA; four compilations were also published on the works of the famous designer, who wrote articles on the history of architecture, architectural design methods and the relationship between these methods and design:

– Forme Oggretti Architetture 1975-1985, F. Moschini (ed.), Kappa, Rome 1986 – Walking in Different Ways, V. Pasca (ed.), Tecno, Milan 1990 – Luca Scacchetti Architetture, articles E. Ambasz, R. Bofill, A. – Cantafora, F. Moschini, G. Motta, P. Portoghesi and L. Scacchetti, Idea Books, Milano 1991 – Luca Scacchetti: Disegni 1983-2002, by C. Anguissola d’Altoé and S. Biffi (ed.), articles by P. Portoghesi, L. Scacchetti and M. Brusatin, Motta.

Scacchetti lives and works in Milan.

Luca Scacchetti